Click the video below to check out what the babies and toddlers are learning during their Ms. Emma's Swim Academy experience!

Here at Ms.Emma's Swim Academy we specialize in creating safe, individualize lessons for infants to adults. We believe that young and old should have confidence to be safe in and around the water so that they can have a lifetime of fun in the water.

We believe that each child as an individual, so therefore lessons are one on one to fit your child's needs and abilities. Here at Ms. Emma's Swim Academy we use positive reinforcement, toys, and fun to provide an encouraging, safe, and caring environment to effectively teach your child everything they need to take them from confident little swimmers to competitive stroke lessons. From over 20 years of experience, I have found that building swimming skills at a young age can improve a child's coordination, intellectual, and social development which can lead to self-confidence in many other areas of your child's life.